Lake Michigan Fishing Charters

Always On - Lake Michigan Fishing Charters

We are on the Lake Michigan fishing day in and day out so we know what it takes to stay on the fish. Our experience has lead us to be one of the most recognized Michigan fishing charters and we take pride in offering our customers the most exciting fishing action out there. Here at Always on we believe in hands on fishing experiences and we want you to enjoy our knowledge of the waters and share our expertise with you on your Lake Michigan fishing charter adventure. Contact us now and book today!

We pursue Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, & Lake Trout. Targeted species will depend on which fish are actively feeding. Our goal is to put the most fish in the boat and create memorable experience during your charter.Captain Tony Wolte and his crew have been fishing the waters of Lake Michigan for over 25 years, his experience allows him to read the often changing weather conditions and make the necessary adjustments to put you on the fish.

Michigan River Fishing Charters

Always On - River Fishing Charters

When it's time to take to the rivers we understand how to navigate and put you on the fish in our Michigan rivers. We operate Fat Sally which is a 20’ custom built Tracy’s flat bottom with a 175hp Evinrude to help us be the first one at the hot hole!! There are thousands of rivers and streams in the state of Michigan and the terrain is filled with some of the largest fresh water fish in the country. Our Michigan rivers hold such vast species of trout and salmon making them both exciting and rewarding to be able to fish. Not only are they known for their clear cool waters as well as their rocky bottoms, they are also known as some of the best rivers systems to fish in the country. Join us on the river this fishing season!

Year Around Michigan Fishing Charters

Always On - Year Around Fishing Charters

We offer year around fishing charter services from ice fishing during winter to summer lake michigan fishing charter services on the big lake. We pride ourselves in being one of the only year around fishing charters in Michigan. Contact us and get out on a Michigan fishing charter boat this year during the summer, spring, fall, or winter. We can get you out and on the fish in Michigan during all seasons.

Michigan Ice Fishing Charters

Always On - Ice Fishing Charters

Looking for winter ice fishing fun! Don't get trapped inside this winter. We specialize in Walleye charters on Saginaw Bay! This is an adventure that you need to experience if you like hard water fishing. There is so much fishing action to be had here in the great state of Michigan. We provide all the equipment needed to get you on and off the ice in the safest form possible. Contact us and get out for an ice fishing charter you won't forget!

Fishing Charter Boat & Captain

We offer year round Michigan fishing charters from Lake Michigan fishing charters in the summer and early spring, to michigan river fishing charters in the fall, to ice fishing charters on inland lakes in the winter months. We are one of the only fishing charters in Michigan that offers a quality year around fishing charter service to accomidate those who love to fish during all seasons here in the great state of Michigan.

Our dedicated team of professionals and fishing guides are among the best in Michigan and we can provide a quality fishing charter adventure for you, your family, and friends whenver the need or want arises. There are plenty of opportunities through-out the year for you to be able to get out and catch some fish here with us no matter what the season is. So, if you are looking for a great Michigan fishing charter adventure then make sure you look us up when the time comes and we will do our best to accomidate you and your group for a true Michigan fishing adventure.

Black Betty | Michigan Charter Boat

Black Betty | Charter Boat

Captain Tony Wolte | Michigan Charter Captain

Tony Wolte | Charter Captain

Contact Us

Contact us today if you are interested in getting any information on our Michigan fishing charters on Lake Michigan in early spring or through-out the summer. We offer some of the best sport fishing for some of the largest fresh water fish in the country.

We offer several different fishing charters in Michigan from Lake Michigan fishing charters to Ice fishing charters and pricing can vary depending on group sizes and trips. If you are looking for pricing for something that is not listed or you would like to talk with the Captain about your next Michigan fishing charter trip then please contact us and we will be glad to work with you to determine what the cost will be for your next fishing charter boat trip with Always On Fishing Charters.

Our Michigan Fishing Charters

View our Michigan fishing charter services for areas in Michigan we service. We offer Michigan fishing charters all over the state of Michigan find out if we can serve you for your next Michigan fishing charters trip!

Holland Michigan Fishing Charters

Holland Michigan

Holland Michigan Fishing Charters

Offering Lake Michigan fishing charters out of Holland Michigan and the surrounding areas. Join us for a Holland Michigan fishing charter adventure on the big lake or in the river systems around Holland MI.

Saugatuck Michigan Fishing Charters

Saugatuck Michigan

Saugatuck Michigan Fishing Charters

Offering Lake Michigan fishing charters out of Saugatuck Michigan and the surrounding areas. Join us for a Saugatuck Michigan fishing charter adventure on the big lake or in the river systems around Saugatuck MI.

Grand Haven Michigan Fishing Charters

Grand Haven Michigan

Grand Haven Michigan Fishing Charters

Offering Lake Michigan fishing charters out of Grand Haven Michigan and the surrounding areas. Join us for a Grand Haven Michigan fishing charter adventure on the big lake or in the river systems around Grand Haven MI.

South Haven Michigan Fishing Charters

South Haven Michigan

South Haven Michigan Fishing Charters

Offering Lake Michigan fishing charters out of South Haven Michigan and the surrounding areas. Join us for a South Haven Michigan fishing charter adventure on the big lake or in the river systems around South Haven MI.

Fishing Species

Check out the species of fresh water fish that we target. We offer some of the best fresh water sport fishing excitement in the state of Michigan.

Chinook Michigan Fishing Charters

Chinook Salmon

About Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon is one of the largest species of salmon in the country and one of the most sought after game fish to try to catch around the country and in Michigan. Chinook Salmon are also known as King Salmon and Spring Salmon. Chinook migrate up and down river systems for reproduction purposes through-out the year. In 1967 Michigan introduced the salmon species to Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to control alewife which at the time was considered to be an invasive species. The large success of the Chinook Salmon was adopted by all the great lakes in Michigan and they were then planted in all the great lakes to help fight the alewives.

Steelhead Michigan Fishing Charters


About Steelhead

Steelhead also known as the rainbow trout and a sub species of the salmon family are probably one of the most popular game fish of the trout family around the country and especially in Michigan. They are known for their migration for spawning in the lakes and rivers in Michigan. Adult steelhead usually range from 1-5lbs if they are lake dwelling and can reach up to 20lbs if they are known to migrate through rivers. The steelhead in Michigan and around the country are known to have many various colorations due to their surrounding habitat and colors are most vivid in males. Rainbow trout or Steelhead have been farm raised and planted in over 45 countries in the world in order to be used for sporting and for food supply. In Michigan it is one of the best known trout for fly fishing and for eating. Steelhead are featured in many Michigan restaurants and are known as great table fare.

Coho Michigan Fishing Charters

Coho (Silver Salmon)

About Coho

Coho Salmon also known as Silver Salmon is one of the largest and sought after game fish of the salmon species. From fresh water to oceans they are well known by anglers across the world. There are 2 color phases of Coho Salmon one being mostly silver for those ocean living species and the fresh water phase is more of a red sided and darker color phase like the ones we have here in Michigan. They are also known for their migration patterns for reproduction and spawning. Some of the subspecies of Coho Salmon are currently listed under the endangered species list. But, the majority of fresh water species are thriving and are one of the best known species for table fare across the country and here in Michigan. Coho Salmon in Michigan are some of the most fun and most exciting to hook in to. They can put on a show and give you a great work out while on the line.

Lake Trout Michigan Fishing Charters

Lake Trout

About Lake Trout

Lake trout are known mainly in North America and are mostly only found in the northern parts of North America. Lake trout are usually found in cold water areas and are known for their size and maturation. There are 3 subspecies of lake trout in the country the common lake trout, Siscowet lake trout, and the rush lake trout. Common lake trout in Michigan tend to stay in shallow water and are found to be much slimmer than the Siscowet species. The Siscowet lake trout are known to be in deeper locations and are found to be the largest of the lake trout subspecies. Lake trout in Michigan are one of the most popular game fish in Northern North America and can make for some awesome fishing action.

Brown Trout Michigan Fishing Charters

Brown Trout

About Brown Trout

Brown Trout originally came from Europe and have been introduced into many natural environments around the world. The brown trout was originally known as the sea trout and was originally introduced to the US in 1883 and was raised for release in New York, Long Island , and Northville Michigan. The first introduction into the wild here in the United States after being farm raised from eggs that came from Europe took place in the Baldwin River which is a tributary of the Pere Marquette River in Michigan. After the introduction and the success of the Brown Trout Species into Michigan rivers 38 states and 2 territories introduced the species and by 1900 the species was reported at having sustainable populations. The brown trout is known to be one of the best species for fly fishing here in Michigan and they also make great table fare.

Yellow Perch Michigan Fishing Charters

Yellow Perch

About Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch is native to North America and Michigan. Other common names for the Yellow Perch is lake perch, American perch, and stripped perch. There has been a distinction in the growth and size of perch in geographical areas due to day length and water temperatures. Northern perch like that of Michigan usually live a longer life and are bigger in size than that of the southern variety. Michigan Yellow perch usually live about 9 -10 years and average adult size is 4 - 10 inches when mature. They are known in Michigan to be great table fare especially in the summer months.

Walleye Michigan Fishing Charters


About Walleye

Walleye are a fresh water fish native to Canada and the Northern United States and are widely spread out in Michigan. Other names for walleye are yellow pike, walleyed pike, and pickerel. In Michigan you can find them in small inland lakes, the larger great lakes, and in the river systems. They are known in Michigan as one of the best game fish and they can be a sport fish through-out the year. You can catch walleye on Michigan lakes in the summer and spring, in Michigan rivers in the fall, and on frozen Michigan lakes in the winter through the ice. They are also known as one of the best white meat table fare in Michigan.

Salmon Michigan Fishing Charters


About Salmon

Salmon are one of the largest fresh water species in the world and they have several sub species. Salmon in Michigan and around the world are known for their migrating patterns that take them from rivers to larger bodies of water and back again for spawning and reproduction. Salmon are one of the only species that migrates from ocean or salt water in some areas of the United States and into freshwater river systems for spawning. Salmon make this journey every year of their life span and their life span can be anywhere from 3 years and up to 15 years depending on the species. Rumor also has it that these fish return to their exact spot of origin to spawn. Their name actually was originated from a Latin word meaning "to leap" which to anyone who knows any different is a perfect name due to the traits of salmon to leap up fish ladders and over waterfalls in order to make their way up stream. Salmon in Michigan have proven over time to serve many purposes from commercial to recreational uses. Michigan Salmon are among the largest and best game fish to catch for anglers across the globe and they are also known as great table fare in restaurants and for home cooking.

Trout Michigan Fishing Charters


About Trout

Trout are a sub species of Salmon but, inside the trout family are several other subspecies with the most sought after species being the rainbow trout and brown trout. All subspecies of trout make for great table fare and great fishing opportunities especially in Michigan. Trout are also Known for migrating through Michigan rivers for reproduction cycles through-out the year. Over the years trout have been associated with fly fishing in Michigan in our rivers and most anglers who are after trout are known to use fly rods as their chose of tackle. Trout are very similar to salmon however, most of the time they are a lot smaller in size. Michigan trout fishing is world renowned and is known as one of the best game fish in the country.

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